We offer a wide selection of Countertops from the following brands:

Spectrum Quartz
Vadara Quartz
Hicksville Quartz
HanStone Quartz
Ceasar Stone
Urban Stone

Vadara Quartz

Calacatta Oro

Quartzite-inspired quartz, featuring an off-white and grey background with bold, dynamic brown and grey veining


Ijen Blue quartzite-inspired quartz, featuring an off-white, blue-grey and brown background with dynamic blue-grey and rust veining

Sky Dance

Superwhite quartzite-inspired quartz, featuring a two-toned off-white and grey background with flowing grey veining

Spectrum Quartz


This exceptional slab features wispy amber and gray veining on a cool white base, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that's both elegant and dynamic. Whether you're looking to create a sophisticated kitchen countertop, a luxurious bathroom vanity, or a statement piece in any other part of your home, this quartz slab will make a lasting impression.


The beauty of Audacity inspires with a combination of soft grays, wispy white veining, and natural earth tones. Luxurious yet versatile, safe and durable, this stone is an ideal choice for both commercial and residential installations.


The elegant, clean and refined look of Expression is ideal for high-end residential or commercial projects where the look and quality of the material take center stage. A cloudy off-white background traversed by rivers of gray and white veining creates a uniquely beautiful effect to this remarkably durable and high-performing natural quartz.


Indulgence is the ideal choice where beauty and durability intersect. This exquisite stone is created by overlaying a smoky tan-white base with delicate rivulets of pale ochre resulting in a stone of ultimate elegance and lasting appeal.

Hicksville Quartz